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DOOM SIREN - tyranny 7"

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Doom Siren "Tyranny" 7" ep is a full blown aural assault from these ATX Politico crusty grinding bastards. Take the ferocity of early 90's earache releases; anarcho-crustcore greats like Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, Skit System and the proficiency of seasoned musicians and you get the entity known as DOOM SIREN!!! Hailing from Austin, TXthis release is a follow up to their Homeland Insecurity 12". This 4 song release deals with the current state of dissolution in our world economic system collapse growled over a barrage of blasting double bass and soul crushing guitars letting the listener know that this band means fucking buisness. Never letting up through out the course of the record, this effort is intended to enligten and delight those who appreciate the blatant "we call bullshit!!!" lyrical content with the musical execution of these "Texas born, Texas bled " ATX veterans.