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Trouble In The Camera Club - A Photographic Narrative Of Toronto’s Punk History 1876-1980

This incredible document explodes with youthful beauty and tragic self-absorption, shining a harsh light on the chaotic creation, destruction and camaraderie surrounding the birth of the ugly child that became known as punk. Photographed by musician and producer DON PYLE (SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET / GREEK BUCK, BLACK HEEL MARKS) from age 14 in the summer of 1976, Trouble in the Camera Club features over 300 photographs and 200 flyers, ticket stubs and related ephemera, and presents a unique and rare perspective on the sorely under-documented Toronto scene. Canada’s premiere bands of the new breed —THE UGLY, THE CURSE, TEENAGE HEAD, VILETONES, DIODES, D.O.A.—are shown at their earliest gigs, alongside candid moments of street scenes, friends and foreign dignitaries, including the first local performances of RAMONES, DEAD BOYS, IGGY POP, BLONDIE THE CLASH, and more. Toronto has never been the same since and these historic and unparalleled images illustrate why.