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Distels is the debut album by the duo of Annelies Monseré (Luster, Hydromedusae) and Steve Marreyt (Edgar Wappenhalter, Het Interstedelijk Harmonium Verbond).

Annelies and Steve are back on Almost Halloween Time Records with this new project.Distels follows the stunning 2001 cassette by Annelies, 2002's Zent One / Circle Brothers split (vocals and piano on Zent One side are by Annelies), 2014 Joe Speedboat's "Feast of The Upright Bass" cassingle (Steve on drums) and the occasional collaboration between Steve and C. Worth of 2020, Ed De Goey in Road To Istanbul.

Over the last couple of years, Annelies and Steve Marreyt gathered once in a while to play and sing songs they love (and we love). Traditional songs, funeral chants, border ballads, songs to warn young people of the dangers in taking false lovers, a hard, raw-boned, merciless and beautiful collection of folk songs.

The album is a co-release with Feeding Tube Records. All covers are unique and different, watercolor drawings of thistle flowers.

Distels is the Dutch word for thistles.