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On "Tunnels," Discoverer's first LP for Digitalis, the sound does recall Emeralds from a couple years back or a downsized version of Tangerine Dream. However, the major difference is that Brandon Knocke writes actual songs and not just soundscapes. Hooks weave through rhythms with ease and evolving harmonies underline nearly every melodic turn on "Tunnels," creating a hazy pop album that still indulges in expansive atmospherics and long, gleaming tones. Knocke relies heavily on synthesizers and drum machines for his brand of electronic pop and manages to give natural, fluid movements to his songs that would sound rigid and clunky in lesser hands. Natural highlights include the heavily-manipulated vocals and echoing melody of the ridiculously-titled "Lesbian Software" and the bright, spiraling synth lines of the title track. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia