DIANA - born again LP

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12" from Montreal pop group, DIANA. The A-­-side is the breezy "Born Again," and the B-­-side is a disjointed remix from fellow Canadian pop experimentalist Doldrums. DIANA is the musical partnership of Joseph Shabason (Destroyer) and Kieran Adams, brought together in an effort to satisfy an urge to create deft arrangements using their trained backgrounds(they met studying music in university)and set them against woozy synth driven soul pop backdrops. Vocalist Carmen Elle's addition, with her lush and thoughtful interpretations, took things to the next level. Their sound has all the allure of the Roxy Music and Sade, but their homage to the 80s begins and ends there. The past 30 years have pushed the boundaries in pop music and DIANA have been raised on this creative surge. Their new self-­-titled album, recorded at Boombox Studio with Roger Leavens, is set for release in 2013. It's not about sounding like New Order, it's about being the new order.