DEVON REED - the bigtop DVD

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The film is about Vincent O'Malley, who runs away with the circus and essentially becomes a monster in his quest for power. I hate writing dialog but love writing songs, thus it became a musical. We wrote and performed some of the songs months before writing the screenplay, while others were written later, when we knew we were going to be making a circus film. “Falling in Love” and “The Girl Who's Above Us” were the most circus specific songs.

1. Magic - performed by Lisa Germano 2. Your Song - performed by The Clientele 3. I Only Want the Sky - performed by Michael Leviton 4. Ashes - performed by Damien Jurado 5. Wild - performed by Matthew Sweet - listen 6. The Girl Who's Above Us - performed by Tullycraft 7. Falling in Love - performed by Howe Gelb 8. I Just Can't Keep Up - performed by The Owls 9. Way to Walk - performed by Communique 10. Something, Nothing, Everything - performed by Marbles 11. Planning My Escape - performed by Eleventh Dream Day 12. Cracked and Crazed - performed by Doug Martsch 13. Patience - performed by The Sprites