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Formed in 2005 by Artur Felicijan, Dekadent is a ferocious, yet exquisite and ethereal black metal of unique kind. Though the name might imply the band is leaning towards decadence, their hatedriven art is quite the opposite as it expresses utter progress and growth with each album. Dekadent’s black metal is profoundly something else. While black metal is the band’s main orientation, Dekadent draws a variety of metal and classical influences and has incorporated elements of 60’s psychedelia, epic soundtracks and ambient music. The list of bands that Dekadent have cited as influence ranges from prime classical luminaries such as Richard Strauss, Wagner, and Dvořak to the legendary creations of black metal bands like Emperor, Bathory, and Samael. But while there are traces of Ihsahn, Quorthon or Vorph in some of Dekadent’s guitar and vocals parts, these black metal godfathers never incorporated that sort of etherial and sanguine atmosphere that one gets when listening to Dekadent. Their new album, the fourth entitled 'Veritas', sees further development of Dekadent’s music, showcasing diversion in style yet incorporating more extreme metal brutality than ever before.