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DEATH SET - worldwide LP

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The latest act out of the Counter Records blocks is Baltimore duo The Deathset, following on the heels of Pop Levi and The Heavy. This duo's debut manages to circumnavigate some eighteen tracks over the course of an extremely snappy twenty-five minutes. It's not so much that Worldwide is low on content, it's just that they tend to get through their songs a bit faster than most people. The first track proper, 'Listen To This Collision' is like a combination of Crystal Castles, Digital Hardcore also-rans Lolita Storm and The Go! Team, and it's all over within 90 seconds. Next comes 'Negative Thinking', sounding very much like something The Ramones might have come up with had they been reliant on a C64 sound chip for their full instrumental arsenal... and so it goes on: a relentless barrage of pop-punk filtered through low tech electronics. In some respects this is highly appealing, boasting powerful melodic hooks - and by no means does it outstay its welcome - though others might lose patience with the flagrant silliness of it all. Anyone who's ever enjoyed DAT Politics, Bis, or that Casio covers EP will probably derive copious enjoyment from this.