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DEAN BLUNT - Black Metal LP

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Finally repressed.

Black Metal is an album by British musician Dean Blunt, released by Rough Trade Records in 2014. The album features vocals from Blunt and frequent collaborator Joanne Robertson. Musically, Black Metal features more traditional pop song structures than Blunt's previous work, but is diverse in instrumentation and genre. The album includes elements of indie pop, folk pop, Americana, dub, ambient, grime, drone, and dancehall. Critics have also noted the prose of Blunt's lyrics as being similar to contemporary hip hop lyrics, which often reflect that of dark subjects like infidelity and alcoholism.

Blunt has stated that the album was inspired by what he sees as black artistic liberation away from the appropriation of 'existing/old white images' (a la names like Black Elvis, Black Cobain) toward 'something that is undefined and is new'. The lead-out grooves of each side of the vinyl version feature the first four letters of the Supreme Alphabet of the Nation of Gods and Earths