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DEAD FARMERS - out the door 7"

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More rock from Australia, who have seriously kicked into gear with regards to making good music and getting it out around the world. It’s a veritable rock & roll palace down there, minus the bush and the ecological collapse.Or maybe for those reasons. Dead Farmers seems to have more in common with brawny rock bands from down under circa the ‘80s, crossing up two common strains of native rock – the sunshiney, coastal, lure-of-the-surf twang and hyper-melodic delivery, and the fist-in-the-dirt power of more landlocked concerns. This turns out a bit ugly on “Out the Door,” which at first listen came across like a Social Distortion tribute, but evened out with some tough, yet winsome delivery and a frenzied pound towards the end that removed the “a-billy” from the proceedings right quick. Flip side was decent as well.