DAVID WEST - drop out of college TAPE

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Perth Australia native David West is a long time Night-People pen pal and friend who has been quite prolific over the years creating music with a variety of bands including Total Control and Rank Xerox. His main projects Rat Columns and Lace Curtain have been great in both recorded output and live performance recently taking on USA touring. This tape falls closest to Rat Columns in terms of sound and aesthetics but has a distinct vision in terms of its collage oriented arrangements speaking to Davids broad musical approach and expression. Weird atmospheric washy tape and electronics experiments intersect with shimmering jangly post punk pop. The recording is really something special being concerned with a high level of detail in terms of the stereo sonic output. Couldnt recommend this tape more, it really sums up so many of Night-Peoples interests and aesthetics in one unique release. This is experimental music that retains its musicality and pop sensibility at a high level.