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DAVID ROEDER - Watercolor of Jandek Debut: Music Texts 2015-2020 BOOK

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Collected from published and unpublished sources Watercolor of Jandek Debut charts the writing of David Roeder between 2015 and 2020. Roeder has an ability to coax out familiarity in his writing whilst opening up ideas you may not have considered. It is a personal, enthusiastic and heartfelt whilst still keeping music and writing at the fore. There are glimmers of the finest time of DIY music 'journalism' where immediacy and stream-of-consciousness fold together with craft and editing to create extremely hopeful moments.

The book and its subjects are broad in their approach. See a mention of the Pacific Northwest scene, the dreaminess of Grouper, a beautifully tempered consideration of David Berman. Following these are the liner notes for a previous band of David’s and mine, Mordwaffe. It opens with a sentiment close to this press; 'Not that anybody asked for these...' as we walk through this almost bootleg release. In the centre of the book is a work of fiction: a transcript of a radioplay titled Chitlin Etc. which takes on various voices and thoughts on the sonic impact and internalisation of sound. We move forth and another series of artists are worked upon; Charlie Megira, Vital Idles, and a heap of reviews and write ups for a sound orientated exhibition That's Life very much based in Glasgow. Alice Coltrane and Sophie Dickinson are the final subjects with two previously unpublished texts which show Roeder's tastes and mind closer to the present.

David Roeder is a long and dear friend of mine. He is smart, funny, creative and committed to everything he does and these qualities all shine clearly throughout Watercolor of Jandek Debut. I mean, even this title says a lot for me and David's melding of art and music which carries through his life. This book has been in the works for a number of years but life happens, life really happened in 2020, but we are finally pleased to present this thoughtful collection for everyone in 2022.