DARKTHRONE - goatlord LP

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Meant to be the second album but unfinished until vocals were added by Fenriz in '94

simply.this is the darkest,more blaphemer album from all the metal scene for me.In spite of this is not an unholy black metal album,because it has many elements from death metal,I think it reflects the pilosophy of this music perfectly.The work of fenris mades me think that he is one of the best drummers in norwegian black metal and outside this country.the voice effects will send you to the blackest,coldest world you can imaginate,full of demons and enemies of christ.there is no way for trends with this love them or hate them,but they are one of true black metal bands that never change.the production is better than other albums like transilvanian hunger and the sound is what you can wait from this band:amazing.this is ,with a blaze in the northern sky,the best album from dark throne for me.