DARKEST HOUR - Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora LP

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 A bastard child born of the mid-'90s punk/metal/hardcore movement, Washington, DC's Darkest Hour combines the passion, energy and soul of punk/hardcore with the style, speed, vengeance and fury of melodic speed/thrash/death metal. Darkest Hour has helped define the entire New Wave Of American Metal sound as one of the pioneers of modern metalcore, a sound that gave the metal and hardcore/punk world the revitalization it surely needed. This style blended the raw, hardcore punk of the '80s with the Scandinavian death metal of the '90s and forged a sound that would later become the template for modern metal. Since their inception 21 years ago, Darkest Hour has released eight studio full-lengths (via 11 different record labels), appeared in major motion pictures and US television shows, video games and have toured the world extensively covering six of the seven continents.