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DANIELE CIULLINI - Domestic Exile Collected Works 82-86 LP

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Hailing from Florence, Ciullini was part of the forward-thinking TRAX collective, whose pan european art/music collaboration network acted as a proto-social network decades in advance of the internet.

This compilation collects Ciullini's self released 'Domestic Exile' cassette (1983) as well as selections from a series of other compilations (1982 to 1986)

When asked about the title 'Domestic Exile' Ciullini explains: The music in this cassette was born in a very difficult period of my life. A period marked by a rift with the world. 'Domestic Exile' reflects a time of recession, entrenchment within the walls of a tired soul. Most of the songs are improvised on the spot. Listening to the music today I think this aspect was perhaps naive. But I enjoyed realising something very close to my inner state at that moment.

Ciullini's music is as sharp and controlled as his elegant photographic images of decadent marble statues, mannequins and deserted Art-Nouveau architecture.He describes these songs as rapid "sonic polaroids" in which synthetic sketches and "Oriental" keyboard "voices" sit side by side with vigorous electro-industrial rhythm and metronomic modified drum machine pulses.