DANIEL HIGGS - Beyond & Between LP

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The mere idea of labeling Daniel Higgs as a carrier of folkloric-ethnic-traditional music may seem senseless but listening to the songs that the Lungfish singer has engraved together with the Catalonian multi-instrumentalist Marc Clos one can’t avoid picturing street musicians sitting by cart wheels in Damascus or under a fig tree in Cairo. If the latter solitary work from Higgs was characterized by its spartan resonance, in this delivery of the adventures of Lungfish’s frontman Clos’ accompanying percussion gives the content a color that we could unmistakably tag as Mediterranean. Anybody remotely familiarized with Higgs’ creative discourse will know that he prefers to use a limited amount of elements (voice and banjo in the majority of cases) in order to display the totality of his creative idiosyncrasy. In this collaborative effort Marc Clos’ percussion underlines with might the ancestral component that makes Higgs such a unique artist and conversely takes the whole to a different place in relation with his previous work.