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DEAD GODS’ "The Perfect Lie" is polished, new-wavish, angst-ridden and packed with New Order-esque bass lines; swaying melodies and detailed synth arrangements recall something Johnny Marr of The Smiths would whip out. Mope-y lyrics, a touch of glockenspiel and pizzicato strings, Phil Spector-style production, driving and danceable. Guest appearances by JIM MAGAS (LAKE OF DRACULA), BOBBY CONN & MONICA BO BOO, and JOSH (MAJHONNG). DANDI WIND are a Vancouver-based duo who consider their peers Glass Candy, Crystal Castles, or SSION. "Incubation" is a trippy blur of pounding, almost tribal music with astonishing and chaotic vocal arrangements, dark lyrics, intricate production, and throbbing lead synth lines. Edition of 300 copies.