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DAN BILLU - Speech Bubbles LP

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After moving to Berlin in 2014, Dan dedicatedly started working on his second album ‘Speech Bubbles’ reaching new heights in his constant search for an innovative sound. Due to his growing interest in electronic music, the second album presents a new side, adding electronic bass lines, synths and beats to the rich acoustic, orchestral arrangements. More than 20 musicians took part in the recordings of the album including collaborations and duets with some of the top artists from the Israeli scene such as: Noga Erez, Noam Helfer (Age is a box), Amit Erez, Nir Yatzkan & Omri Blau (Umlala) Maya Lee Roman (The Angelcy) , Ori Winokur (Asaf Avidan & The Mojos) and Eran Alpern (Sound engineer of Tatran and Garden city movement).

’Speech Bubbles’ was received with great reviews in both Israeli and German media and web press, and Billu and his band went on a tour to celebrate the release. Capturing the rich and colourful arrangements from both albums, Billu’s band contains a variety of musical layers, combining classical influences with electronic elements, to go along with Dan’s intimate songwriting and voice.