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DAME AREA - Esto Me Pertenece LP

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Dame Area ended 2021 and has started 2022 acclaimed in the european stages with a live show praised for its power and darkness, made up of many new tracks. Some of those have been gathered in this EP.

Industrial music with a touch of EBM without ortodoxy nor cobwebs, with metallic percussions performing some atypical rhythms and Suicide's minimalist spirit overflying the scene.
Probably Dame Area's most dance-floor oriented record till the date, "Esto me pertenece" is not simply "dance music" but combat music instead. In fact it doesn't lose sight of the fact that what's most important are not the fat kicks, the unrelenting synths or the percussion, but the attitude. And in spite of the patent darkness of the record there is a clear call to arms to claim what belongs to us: the present.