Broken Rekids

DADFAG - Probably LP

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Dadfag’s soaring and orchestral creations are the work of two guitarists (Eva Hannan, Danielle Benson) and one insane drummer (Alan Miknis). Since forming in 2008, the band has released a pair of albums, touring the States last year in support of their Broken Rekids LP, Scenic Abuse. Probably, their third full-length album, is yet another Lego in Dadfag’s growth as an amorphous yet sweetly desirable San Francisco staple. Recorded by Alex Yusimov at the Pool in Portland, Oregon, this eleven-song collection sounds like early Sonic Youth with punishing hardcore punk drums. Look for the three-piece touring the East Coast later this year. “Dadfag is more than a little reminiscent of Sonic Youth. Discordant, deliberately weird, intended to discomfit. Scenic Abuse feels kind of like a time capsule from another era. With vocals that at times are downright disturbing and occasionally creepy lyrics, it’s not exactly easy listening, but it is interesting. The occasional melodic similarity to 1960s girl band tunes is an unexpected element.” —The East Bay Express