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CYMBALS - Unlearn LP

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Cymbals formed in London amidst the heat haze of summer 2010, directed by nothing but their excellent record collections and the vague intention to “not be boring". While guitarist Jack and keyboardist Dan had played in bands before, drummer Sean hadn’t seriously picked up a stick since winging grade-one snare drum aged 13. Inspired by Sean’s intuitive naivety, the trio were keen to avoid the familiar routes ploughed by other bands and set forth a working manifesto that saw them reject predictable bass guitars, minor chord progressions, drum fills and programming. Consciously playing against instinct, the band decided to ‘unlearn’ the ideas they’d explored in previous projects in an attempt to fulfil that initial vague intention, and the resulting sounds were fittingly scattershot and strangely artful.

Vinyl limited to 300 copies with beautifully hand printed screens in six different colours courtesy of Sinead Evans).