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CROSS VAULT - The All-Consuming LP

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CROSS VAULT’s second full length, after their critically acclaimed 2014 debut “Spectres of revocable loss”, bears the title „The All-consuming”. It is a five track album revolving once again around classical subjects of revocable and irrevocable loss, the magnitude of heart and the depth of crippling sorrow.

On “The All-consuming”, Cross Vault moved away from the eerie and echoing sound of the debut and evolved toward a more natural and clear production, with N.‘s vocals coming across a lot more direct and heartfelt, while M.‘s guitar work has become significantly more playful, presenting a rich variety of highly melancholic lead harmonies as well as extensive acoustic passages. On this album, the band is completed by drummer B., adding further layers of refinement and professionalism to the traditional Cross Vault soundscape.