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CROSS MY HEART - s/t LP (pink vinyl)

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"Can you believe it? The infinitely faultless Deep Elm Records come with with yet another infinitely faultless release, this time from the gloriously talented Cross My Heart. This is superb, like the ultimate mix of slow emo rock a la Brandtson and the less hardcore moments of Boy Sets Fire meets Samiam. And then elements of Promise Ring come to mind too, but Cross My Heart just piss all over that band (who really are terribly over-rated y'know) and also have this startling tendency to break the emotive subtleties that hold their songs together and get all powerful and screamy, again very much in a Boy Sets Fire kind of way. Of course I'll regret saying this once Deep Elm have a few more releases under their belt in the months to come, but for now, and without a hesitation in my mind, Cross My Heart are my favourite Deep Elm band so far. There, said it." - Fracture