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CRASS - Ten Notes On A Summer's Day LP

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Number six in a series of re-releases of Crass. Now classic albums remastered and with additional related material. This edition includes the original Crass album plus additional tracks featuring eve libertine and comes with a specially designed fold-out poster and an illustrated booklet containing lyrics and contextual notes. 'ten notes on a summer's day' - the swan song. Recorded at Southern Studios from winter 1984 to summer 1985. From the liner notes by Penny Rimbaud: "just as throughout our seven years' existence as a punk band we had made concerted efforts to avoid specific political pigeonholing ('left wing, right wing, you can stuff the lot'), so, musically, we attempted to push the barriers, always avoiding the obvious. In one respect alone we were absolutely consistent; our inconsistency. If the essentially rowdy 'Feeding Of The Five Thousand' and 'Stations Of The Crass' had established us as the thinking man's bovver band, so 'Penis Envy' broke the mould as an almost lyrical, yet still very angry piece of rock 'n'roll feminism. Just at the very time that the BBC thought us safe enough to be given airplay, so we ploughed in with 'Christ - The Album,' an uncompromisingly avant-garde noise album which in its own way went a long way in redefining rock'n'roll's limited parameters. then, in much the same way as our fifth album, 'Yes Sir, I Will,' owed more to free jazz than to rock, so 'Ten Notes On A Summer's Day' nudged itself towards modern European atonality, and us completely out of the rock'n'roll arena (as testified to by dramatically reduced record sales). In this sense, 'Ten Notes On A Summer's Day' truly was a swan song."