Secret Mission

COZY - Kiss Me Dummy 7"

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Following their 2012 debut on HoZac, Minnesota’s powerpop/glam punks return with a new ripper on Secret Mission. “Bonkers and the boys have done it again. Cozy returns to the top of the charts and the denim dreams of fans worldwide with a brand new single. “Kiss Me Dummy” is a song like you have never heard before. It’s a slice of the everyday teeny-life: “First one leads to another and that leads to many more, gonna kiss you all night long but there’s even more in store!” On the flip, Cozy show their playful side with the teeny-bopper anthem “Show And Tell.” One listen to this tasty treat and you will be showing Cozy your undying love.” Features members of BOY’S CLUB and RETAINERS.