CORNISH WRECKERS - Lurid Tales Of Wrecking And Repose LP

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This debut album brings you tales from the tough Victorian-era streets of East-End London, tales from the Cornish coast and of its ruthless 19thC pirates, tales of the ghosts and lights that bewitched the sailors travelling on board sea faring vessels made of wood and hemp, listen to the nursery-rhyme about a Bedeviled goat that tempts the flesh of the tender and the innocent, visualize the psychosis that comes from steering a constant course towards the horizon without respite and without the prospect of returning homeward, imbibe of the bygone music-hall playfull-ness towards death and the daily struggle to pay the rent within the leaning walls of the cobbled parishes, hear stories about a time when darkness writhed around the false lamp light through a shortened life . . . and have you heard the news about Mother? Familiar folkloric themes indeed rendered modern. Enjoy the rich and tremulous guitars and synthesized sounds of Michael Plater. Revel in the basso profondo piano treatments and lyrical vocalizations of Tony Millman. Enjoy the female witch choruses rendered by Andrea Millman, Heather Fiona, Sarah Williams, Melon Mendez, Claire Raine, the soaring sirenades of Paige Duggan and the earth rumbling chants of Lachlan Currie and Dean Lombard. Hear the choral influence of Byrd and Tallis and Taverner and of Punk Rock. Feel the Folk Horror. Submit to the sea. Get wrecked.

FFO: Nick Cave, Mount Eerie, Dirty Three,...

“Grim poetry and haunting atmosphere…you might find yourself grabbing a washcloth to wipe the brine from your temples. It is immersive and deeply effective…We heartily encourage anyone with a love of black eyeliner, Sweeney Todd, influenza, pirates, and general mayhem to join us in supporting this ghastly crew and ensure future ventures, by land or by sea,” (Sing the Nation Electric, U.S)

"A dark & interesting album," (Roots and Fusion, U.K)

"Ghostly, sexy, dark and moody. Absolutely great," (Issues, U.S)

"A huge, majestic achievement. It's mature, gothic, simple, complex," (i94 Bar, Sydney)