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COREY ORBISON - your name is poison 7"

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first release on everard (a phoenix from the ashes of uk queer diy clubhomocrime) is this debut 7' by corey orbison (aka the corey o's). atake-no-prisoners five-song, eight-minute no wave sissy hardcore rushfrom a bristol/london noisenik trio featuring members of headfall andlesbo pig. limited to 350 copies.

Corey orbison have sent us a lovingly packaged white vinyl 7" and to begin with it's … a load of discordant anti-rock, like sonic youth's jarring one-note overspill before it staggers into life as a rumbling no-wave street ruffian, complete with incoherent female lyrics spat out with nihilistic banshee-like glee. it's like the girl from life without buildings having ect. it's rough and compelling, jerky and uncompromising. truly diy, if you dig the slits & raincoats & agit-punk then this screeing, wonky delightful dirge of spastic rhythms will surely grap you by the collar and spit in your face. kids these days eh … and there's about 5 tracks or summat! buggered if i can tell where they begin or end!! ace.