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Once in a while a new life form will come to the surface, emerge from the primordial ooze and crawl ashore, develop legs where its fins used to be, and spearhead an unknown species into the world, and we can't think of anything more apt to try and wrap our heads around the mellifluous, other-worldly sounds coming from the warped brains of COP CITY / CHILL PILLARS. Their debut LP on Florida's Dying was a breakthrough in pop music no one saw coming, a delusional, charmingly repetitive, future/primitive ride through their tunnel-visioned world of vaporizers and jazzercisers, that you never quite recover from. The vocals are what corners you first, sounding like a trio of sub-sea level zombies huffing canned air in an Office Max parking lot in search of hooks, not brains, and by the time their DEVO-esque guitar tone knocks your head back, they've already invaded your orifices and have planted their seed deep within. It takes pretty big balls to have a sound this against the grain in this day and age, and with the perfected minimalism Cop City / Chill Pillars have honed into their own space-junk sound, it's with great excitement that we get to shove this deranged slab of spoiled pop music into the world.