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Grün appeared in 1981, but contained recordings from the years 1976 to 1980. Schnitzler's tracks in the 1970s were lengthy and shared a musical pattern which varied only minimally. Hence the green album has just one track on each side and any changes in melodic structure are subtle in nature. Both pieces are very much typical of Schnitzler in style, but less so tonally. An analogue rhythm machine ploughs almost brutally through the astoundingly delicate electronic veil of "Der Riese und seine Frau" ("The giant and his wife"), bearing little resemblance to Schnitzler's usual sequencer cascades. The second piece, created four years later, sounds completely different. Its title may be similarly poetic, but "Bis die Blaue Blume" ("Until the blue flower blooms") transports the listener into another world altogether. A diminutive melody, consisting of just seven notes, becomes a kind of mantra, repeated with only the slightest variation until the end, as clusters of tiny sonic meteorites constantly swirl around, sparkling in all the colours of the spectrum