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CONCESSIONAIRES - Artificial Interface LP

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Epic Sci-fi synth visions from Digitalis boss Brad Rose and his buddy Pete Fosco as Concessionaires. This is some of the darkest, most majestic gear with heard from Brad, at least: pollution-scarred night-black atmopsheres are punctured by flame-spurting synths, as viewed from a space shuttle departing earth in the midst of an apocalypse. Widescreen.Overlooked '79 Punk-Pop classics housed in heavy card jacket. Includes 10-page colour booklet with photos and notes, plus download coupon redeemable from the label* Carpark's sister label Acute Records present their first vinyl release, a reissue of The Disco Zombies' three singles, compiled as the album they never achieved. Hailing from Leicester and ranking as the city's greatest punk rock group, they unfortunately missed out on punk fame due to "production company implosion", but were still beloved of John Peel for their 'Drums Over London' song which lends its title to this LP. A further "artier" single 'Mary Millington', dedicated to England's most famous porn star suicide was a slightly more post-punk effort and also features here next to aborted single tracks made before they finally gave up the ghost and resigned themselvs to the could-have-been punk pile. So what you get is their three singles, plus seven bonus unreleased tracks and a download code to access a complete live set and five more songs including never-heard-before covers.