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Whatever these Bay Area guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems to bring out an endless flow of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs – in each of their bands. I'm talking about the rhythm section of Synthetic ID with the same guys of this awesome new San Francisco band! Ok, many bands try to do some kind of post punk stuff these days, but in my opinion the Bay Area knows how to do it best! After Rank//Xerox and Synthetic ID, Cold Circuits is the band to listen to right now! Robert Collins said: "UK post punk meets an angular cousin" and he's totally right. There are similarities to Synthetic ID, even though this band is less focused on the vibe and more on driving the listener. Lazy guitar lines weave in and out of logic, while bass and drums keep the whole thing forward with an inevitably urgency. It sounds excitingly familiar and so new in skills and maturity, that you just can't listen to anything similar elsewhere. What can I say?! Get it or not – this thing will explode, without any doubts!