COFFIN PRICKS - Semi-Perfect Crimes LP

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One of many chapters in the highly creative (non)career of Chris Thompson (Ignition, Fury, Circus Lupus, Las Mordidas, Monorchid, Skull Control, Red Eyed Legends), Coffin Pricks were his Chicago-based band of the the early 1990s. Initially conceived by Ryan Weinstein (Cavity, Red Eyed Legends) along with Jeff Rice (Nema, Ottawa, Calvary, Daylight Robbery), with the later addition of our own Chay Lawrence of Tribute (and late-end of Bob Tilton). Jittery, hook-laden post-punk played with a feverish intensity, (as was the Chris Thompson way). They released one single on Stationary (Heart) Recordings in 2012, played several local shows, and wrote an album’s worth of songs – many that never got properly recorded during the band’s short-lived existence. Several tracks on this discography LP are studio recordings (three of which ended up on the Group Home Haircut7″), and the following seven tracks are live recordings from a show at Saki Records in Chicago, February 2012.