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CLOUD CANYONS - Dreaming Of Horses Running In Circles LP

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"Dreaming Of Horses Running In Circles" is the first full length album by Cloud Canyons, a collaborative effort between Laura Storchi, Michelle Cristofori, Stella Baraldi and Nicola Caleffi.

Originally conceived as instrumental pieces built by Nicola Caleffi (Julie’s Haircut, Muni, Sun Forest) upon multiple layers of analog synthesizers and digital beats, these four long tracks finally blossomed into full songs thanks to the lyrical and vocal contribution of Laura Storchi (a founding member of Julie’s Haircut and Muni), Michelle Cristofori (Circe, Micromouse, She's Gone) and Stella Baraldi (Stella, Baffodoro), three musicians, songwriters and singers who also share a common militancy within the Italian radical feminist collective Mâtilde.

From the slow building pace of the cosmic soul of "Oxen Of The Sun" to the psychedelic landscape of "Secret Knowledge", through the mutant-disco wave of "Empire Of The Flesh" and the collective hymn of the motorik-driven "Under Neon Stars", the album’s four tracks resonate with Cloud Canyons’ unique aesthetic approach, with Caleffi’s hypnotic and minimal sonic textures enriched by Storchi, Cristofori and Baraldi’s words and vocals - each one with her own distinct individuality, at time transformative, surrealistic and inward-looking, yet always heartfelt and passionate.

Stylistically ranging from krautrock to psychedelia, from house to dub, and lyrically providing a dreamlike, multi-faced insight of the Self - with themes concerning the relationship between the sacred and the mundane, meditation and sensualism, intimacy and nature - the experimental electronica of "Dreaming Of Horses Running In Circles" is the result of the meeting of four personalities - a vital encounter of the Feminine and the Masculine, unleashing the power of the androgynous unconscious.