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The second album from the awe-inspiringly weird West Yorkshire combo Cleckhuddersfax arrives on Upset The Rhythm. There's no way to approach categorising this band, and the rate at which they churn out ideas is truly baffling - tearing through eight absolutely unique songs in around half-an hour. 'Four Principles' belts through some weird garage-prog shapes and features a great Middle Eastern-sounding synth line, while further bizarre angles are thrown by the truly unclassifiable 'Stellar's Sea Cow', complete with honking synth silliness and a Fever Ray-esque vocal pitch-shifting effect. Key to the record's sonic signature is the lurching rhythm section attack of Shakeeb Abu hamden and Joe Parkin, but it's the brilliant analogue synthesis that keeps you returning for more - something that peaks on the manic, screeching oscillations of the almost disco-like 'A Decree'.