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CLEANTEETH - pushing rope DLP

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Cleanteeth is a Doom Metal band from New York who has got riffs for days and days. These guys write some gnarly riffs that hit you in the gut and stay there just beating you down with heaviness. If there’s one thing this band has that’s better than its riffs, is its atmosphere.

Cleanteeth knows how to use reverb and other spacial effects to get a huge multilayered sound going; even when the songs break down to just the guitar playing a fairly clean line it’s still layered and thick. These guys are noisy and dissonant sludge with an album that starts heavy and ends heavy. With a wall of sounds that is inescapable.

They have riffs that sound like they are written to get stoned to followed by piercing noise that harshes the mellow in the best possible way. With tracks like “Shitbreather” “Collision Specialist” “Sexual Mustache” and “Stay on Target” that get grooving and stay grooving, it’s easy to get lost in banging your head to this band.

It’s also really easy to tell that these guys love their noise and dissonance with noise on just about every track as well as with a noise only track “French Kissing Alexander Hamilton” that gets a heavily distorted beat going with glitches and swells thrown in to berate your ears, as well as “Bedbugs” which crescendos and decrescendos with oscillating noise panning from left to right.

The bottom-line is that if you like heavy sludge riffs, fantastic song writing, vocals dripping with reverb and dissonant noise to keep you on edge, then Cleanteeth is the band for you because they have it all. (The Sludgelord)