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CITY CENTER - zen kids 7"

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City Center was born in the headphone space of a Brooklyn bedroom. Shelved between boredom, loneliness, and every available corner of the audible spectrum, Fred Thomas and Ryan Howard make music that is both playful and shy - that teen Halloween feeling. Now rooted in Michigan, City Center continues to unravel their ever-expanding landscape of warmly washed-out psychedelia - creating a blurry canvas of images: an endless sun, a lavish diamond tattoo across the chest, and a pile of orca bones on the beach. While touring across the country, Fred and Ryan stopped for a few days in Olympia, Washington to groove-out a solid-action 7" 45 rpm record for K (who also put out Thomas' last full length album from Saturday Looks Good to Me). "Zen Kids" splinters guitars and chillingly desolate drones until it forms as a soft summery pop song. As with all singles in the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series, just flip the record and Selector Dub Narcotic scrambles and reforms it, "Version" style