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CIRCLE OF SALT - Suffer The Cold CD

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Circle Of Salt debut is a genuine example of atmospheric black metal in its purest and most primitive form: long pieces, alternate picking, inhuman screams and a furious yet intimate mood permeating the whole album. Let his one-man band from Québec lead you through the snowy Canadian lands. The Cascadian scene is indeed at the core of Circle Of Salt music, but so is the fermenting Québécois underground, making Suffer The Cold a perfect blend of the two, suitable for both west and east-coasters.

An album for contemplative and suffering souls, built by the multi-instrumentalist Maikan on mesmerizing tremolo and long, dillated, swollen structures. Circle Of Salt does not need social networks, internet videos nor any mediatic form other than music, as the two 20-minute-long pieces Suffer The Cold consists in speak for themselves.