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CINDY - Free Advice LP

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Free Advice offers a somber-yet-uplifting take on sobered dream pop. Imagine if Galaxie 500’s On Fire didn’t have a guitar solo or if The Trinity Session was stripped of its folk & blues roots; it’s just pure mood. Like sitting in a half-empty movie theater that’s playing Alphaville or Wild Strawberries and watching patron’s heads briefly illuminated from the screen; Free Advice (and all of the Cindy output) transfers you to these momentary worlds.

Cindy is Karina Gill on guitar/vocals, Aaron Diko on synth/keys, Simon Phillips on Drums/Percussion, and Jesse Jackson on Bass/Keys + Simon and Jesse on backing vocals. Started by Karina in 2016 when she learned to play guitar on a Squire Strat found in the basement of the house she moved into: “It was mummified in electrical tape and encrusted with something gross. The high e string isn’t on the fretboard because the nut belongs to some other instrument. I had never played music or sang or been a performer. Simon, a roommate, overheard me and encouraged me. I met Jesse when he was cashiering at a local grocery store. In 2018, Aaron joined us.“

The songs on Free Advice are these moments in mood: Phillips & Jackson’s rhythms create the foundation, while Diko’s keys rise and fall. Gill’s guitar rattles, vocals brood, and lyrics create these narratives that depict observers, not necessarily wronged rather, cautious and investigative of the world around them.