CHUBBY WOLF - Turkey Decoy LP

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Chubby Wolf was the title used by the late Dani Baquet-Long of Celer for her most glacially refined recordings. Her work is now carefully and lovingly curated by her husband and partner in Celer, Will Long, who has picked one of her most accessible albums 'Turkey Decoy' for this posthumous release on Digitalis. The phosphorescent cybernetic ambience of opener 'Cantankerous Baby' sets an understated tone which continues through the album, across the glassy pond-like reflections of 'Birthday Suit', and the exquisitely fragile expanse of 'Rattling Mandibles', to the subdued neo-classical splendour of 'Scalloped Toes' or the looming finale 'Intrusively Coexisting' where Dani's beloved wolves make a cameo appearance. Existing in such a subtly tonal and near motionless world of sound, it's difficult to describe the breathtaking sense of romance and sensuality to Dani's songcraft, so we should simply stress it's beauty and appeal to lovers of purest ambient music.