CHRONIC HEIST - Quick Fix with Repairs/The Brighter Lights 7"

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The guys in Chronic Heist (from Stockholm, Sweden) gathered their musical tricks in post-hardcore bands like Jr Ewing, Trapdoor Fucking Exit and 8 Days of Nothing. Chronic Heist, however, differs very much from those previous bands, not approach-, but sound wise. With Chronic Heist they took the winding road to 'free dudes'-state. After their impressive, debut album their new songs take 'it' further and sound even more 'out there' in a solid way. What this 'it' is is hard to describe. Chronic Heist passionately plays a modern version of '70's art/krautrock that's dynamic and nervous, yet raw and stiff. It's progressive spaced out glam or suburban goth (like they describe their music themselves) that was directly implemented into the 'here & now'.

The title track 'Quick fix with Repairs' immediately kicks in with loud electronic piano's and psychedelic bass riffs. It's a great song with even greater hooks that combines the best parts of the songs on their first album. The B-side 'The Brighter Lights' has an odd, meandering atmosphere. You can feel the tension rise and fall until the sound erupts, scatters and fades away.