Fang Bomb


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MK/CT is the duo of Chris Dreier (ex Die Tödliche Doris) and Tim Löhde.

Spree is the main river that flows through Berlin. It is not often that it gets cold enough for the river to freeze over but a few years ago, the ice lay solid. Chris Dreier recorded the sounds of the ice, the cracking and popping as the temperature changed, and sent the recordings to Tim Löhde.

Löhde responded, and that was the beginning of the musical correspondence that defines MK/CT. Since then, Dreier and Löhde have sent sounds to each other —field recordings, voices, recordings of synthesizers and pianos — with the intent of composing incrementally. Adding, removing and transforming the composition with each receipt and return. One element and one layer at the time. Back and forth, until the finished piece emerges.

Vinyl edition comes with sticker sheet.

Chris Dreier is a composer, performer and artist residing in Berlin, and an early member of Die Tödliche Doris. In 2017, she returned to the project to record Sprechpause (Fang Bomb, FB027) with Wolfgang Müller. Tim Löhde is visual and sound artist based in Düsseldorf.

Composed and performed by Chris Dreier and Tim Löhde. Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios.