Stoned To Death

CHRIS CUNDY - (You Danced With) Grey Daggers 7"

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First time i've met Chris Cundy was while on tour with Thor and Friends in November 2019. Chris was part of Thor's live band. Shortly after that all tour plans went to hell (due to raising Covid Pandemic). However, on that very tour, right after the first sound check of Thor and Friends, i was truly stunned by Chris Cundy's sound and flow. His appearance (Chris is bass clarinet and saxophone player) added another layer of beauty to Thor and Friends' overall amazing and mesmerizing sound. But I also could not stop wondering how his music sounds when it is just him playing solo and I've immediately reached Chris with the idea of him recording two solo tracks for 7” ep. To my surprise he has taken the offer much more seriously than many other folks do and within a few months i had two amazing tracks from him in my email.

Now, almost two years later, add the standard slow processing of STD headquarters, mix it with super long waiting time at pressing plant, and hurrah, here is (You Danced With) Grey Daggers by Chris Cundy.

This ep is released in edition of 250 copies, all with silk screened covers by Acid Bear Prints, each copy is hand numbered. The drawing on the cover is by Chris Cundy.