CHRIS BROKAW - The Periscope Twins DLP

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With his new double album The Periscope Twins and sixth 12XU release, singer/songwriter, film composer, rock'n'roller and abstract noisemaker CHRIS BROKAW steps fully into the void. Since 2002 Chris has alternated his solo albums between instrumental forays and what he calls "singing songs", never entirely leaving behind his roots in rock and punk while exploring new avenues of traditional and nontraditional forms. 2008 saw the formation of his own label, Capitan Records, whose first release Canaris showed two sides of the acoustic guitar: ruminative finger-picked pieces, and the howling 18 minute title track, wherein his Martin nearly explodes through a wall of amplifiers. In recent years he's explored abstract forms in duos with Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), David Michael Curry (the Willard Grant Conspiracy) and Alex Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten); with The Periscope Twins he delivers two solo pieces, each 40-45 minutes long; one for electronics, one for electric guitar; each one take, no overdubs. Brilliantly mastered by BOB WESTON, The Periscope Twins draws the listener into realms of both hypnosis and osmosis; drone for anyone and everyone.