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CHILD BITE - the living breathing organ summer LP

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The Living Breathing Organ Summer is the brand new LP from Detroit's CHILD BITE. Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, The Living Breathing Organ Summer exudes euphoria, urgency, baseless paranoia and a mild sense of vertigo. With their most recent effort, CHILD BITE seems to have thrown caution to the wind - mashing their punk vigor with avant-garde ideals into a no-fluff sound that is both consistently danceable and brazenly psychotic. Features an ex-member of Wafflehouse* and Rescue. Split release with Joyful Noise Recordings. First press limited to 198 copies on white vinyl (out of print) and 268 copies on marbled grey vinyl. LPs pressed in the USA by Bill Smith Custom Records. Each LP includes a code for a high quality MP3 download of the album.