CHEAP FREAKS - bury them all LP

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They’ve released a handful of awesome EPs, but now Dublin, Ireland’s Cheap Freaks have a full length album under their belt as well.

Cheap Freaks began life just over two years ago. While on a recording session in Berlin with The Real Junk (Robbie Brady?s then side project from The Things with Humanzi front man Shaun Mulrooney), they were joined by friend and musician Al Dodd, guitarist and chief songwriter for the now defunct DC Pakt.

Only a few months after the band had started, and with a catalog of demos, they decided to head to Berlin to record their debut LP with Real Junk producer Tom Schwoll. Due to reasons many and varied these sessions did not go as well as they had hoped and only a handful of the tracks were deemed usable. New sessions started in Dublin in late 2010 with Sean Coleman at Qube Studios. These sessions proved much more productive and along with a couple of the Berlin tracks and home demos comprise the bands debut LP 'Bury Them All?.