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CHAOS DESTROY - Lightning Strikes Twice LP

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“Well there is one band that never made it to this season’s Mad Max fashion show, or the new bar where all the freshly minted tattoo models who used to collect Brainbombs records or whatever now wash ashore to meet and screw. Yes indeed, punk hath long since been frozen in the ice age or by the cold wave, or whatever. Punk is hippies is noisers is hip hop gothers. Maybe you were too busy collecting dirt on white jeans, and scrubbin off any trace of bourgeois privelege. Or maybe you were gossiping about whose Italian motor cycle boots were the harshest or whatever, or maybe when you were eBaying Skinny Puppy shirts and Totenkopf pins for the freezing weather to come, you missed out on things like the Music Not Music 7” by CHAOS DESTROY or their Stupid Night tape on Hierodule. Indeed maybe you thought you discovered the new Black Flag in a Midwest sine wave or in some noise-hop karaoke or maybe you just realized that you really wanted to tie girls up all along and fascist haircuts were the best compliment to yr imaginary order. EITHER WAY. Chaos Destroy hath since emerged, behind your back and laughing at you for how much you have grown!..... Yep, in some parts of the world, say like Southern Maryland, ‘music’ began with the first notes and drum slams of the Mental Disorder EP and only flashed here and there since, on say a few flexi discs or 3rd degree bootleg cassettes, mostly of Japanese origin. You won’t get a better invitation to a real barn-yard violent party than from Chaos Destroy. For in the land of Chaos Destroy, the sound track is Dust Noise and Gai and the milk and honey is cider and glue. Nope, you’re not gonna get this from all the new records with black and white photos of dudes in fetish masks around magickal alters they got from Party City. Who the fuck would want to go to a party like that? Nope, this record is purely illogical snot from a gang who were fed battery acid out their mommas titty. The sound of synapses unfurling and language crumbling A.K.A. THE BEST PUNK BAND IN THE USA. Lest your brains get vacuumed out of yr ears now, poser!!!!”—Ravi Binning (Thought Broadcast, Hierodule Editions)