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CHA CHA SHAW - kingdom come LP

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Charles Cha Cha Shaw will be known to funk, blues, jazz and soul fanatics for his contibutions to classics like Curtis Mayfield's 'Superfly' and The Temptations 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone' besides many sessions with the likes of Rick James, Marvin Gaye or spiritual jazz heavyweights John Coltrane and Rashied Ali. 'Kingdom Come' features Shaw at the helm of his own band, and is credited as playing Trumpet, Flugel and Bag Flute next to Congos, Guitars, Bass, Alto and Tenor Sax from his group. This was his second album for Smithsonian Folkways back in 1979 and it's a tripped out blend of abstract free jazz tones, spiritual Gospel modes and cosmic soul set to a heavy Funk backing. It's easy to hear traces of later Sun Ra (and specifically Phil Cohran) here but with a heavy funk twist of his own making.