CELLOS - bomb shelter LP

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Every once in a while  band will come out of nowhere and just flat out knocks you on your ass.  CELLOS are definitely one of those bands. Stewing in the same sludgey, riff infected cesspool as mid to late 90's heavy hitters like Karp, Unwound, Godheadsilo and Unsane; this Windsor, Ontario three-piece write some of the most punishingly awesome tunes you'll ever hear.  This is harsh, destructive music where warm, fuzzy riffs are king and loud, noisy feedback is lauded as they melt, slice, and demolish each song into acute ear fucking precision.  Nods to the Melvins and Black Sabbath are pretty much essential as foundational purveyors in the genre.  And CELLOS fit right in with the above mentioned artists as a band that's pushing the boundaries of extremely heavy music, one crudely bashed low-end hit at a time.  Really can't recommend this one enough.  Great LP right here.