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CAVE RAVER - Dark Times And Loose Ends LP

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This is the debut 12" by CAVE RAVER called "Dark Times And Loose Ends"! This Hamburg-based three piece parts two members with the emo-punk outfit Mahlstrom and even if they sound very different from them, both bands have the same dark and desperate vibe.

Started as something you can call the usual emo-thing, they evolved over the years and found their own colder and darker tone. Some call it Post-Punk, some New Wave, others say Indie-Rock....but what i can say: If you are into classic stuff like The Sound, Echo & The Bunnymen or The Chameleons, then you will surely enjoy this six songs! Even newer Bands like Soft Kill, The Soft Moon (Bug Life) or Messer (Hive Mind) come to mind!

The Vinyl includes a downloadcard as well as a lyricsheet. The Artwork was done by Svenja Kirsch of Riesenspatz/HH!