CASTA - Lazaro LP

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Andres Castaño is the name behind Casta, a Dj and music producer from Guatemala who has become one of the main cultural and electronic music drivers in the country over the past two decades. His collaboration with projects such as Cuberec, BPM, La Fototeca, VFL Festival or SMA Festival are key to understanding his impact over the past years that have in many ways shaped an important amount of the Guatemalan cultural landscape.

Identidata, founded and directed by Andres, initiates with the purpose and intention of creating art pieces that reflect contemporary culture in Guatemala curating music from recent years or past decades from some of the country’s most creative artists that have not seen the light yet.

The idea is to promote a collaboration process with an exchange between artists that can establish a dialogue with the music and build a thread through different visual, graphic, editorial and other art forms.

Identidata starts its editorial path with ‘Lazaro’, Casta’s first album which was finished through the pandemic and represents the culmination of over three years of work. The music from the album also has the Identidata DNA in it’s bones with collaborations from local electronic music pioneer Alex Hentze, singer Stefan A, cellist and Guatemalan rock legend Paulo Alvarado and Juan Rodriguez.

The sound of ‘Lazaro’ has crafted a progressive line with waves of downtempo, trip hop, nu disco and trance all mixed together in a psychedelic atmosphere filled with shamanic rhythms and sounds of Guatemalan nature.